Adwords Management

Get Tons Of Customers From Little-Known Online Sources Using PPC / Google Adwords Advertising!

Most People Think PPC Advertising Or Google Adwords Is About Getting New Customers Almost Instantly, But It’s Much More Than That.

PPC is one of those advertising systems that very few people really understand.

While it’s true that you can set up a quick PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Adwords campaign and start getting buyer traffic to your site almost instantly, the real way to use this amazing tool goes way beyond that.

What Is PPC And Google Adwords?

Google and many other websites offer a program where you can advertise on their website, but you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad.  This is called Pay-Per-Click or PPC.  Google’s PPC program is called Adwords.

This is an amazing concept for traditional advertisers who are used to paying money just to get in front of clients.  With PPC advertising your ad can get LOTS of exposure, but the only time you pay is when someone clicks on your ad.

Free Advertising

One obvious way to use the system to your advantage is to make sure your phone number shows in the ad.  This way many people will just call you and never click the ad.  You get free advertising…It’s completely ethical because that’s the way PPC works.

Instant Exposure For Your Promotional Offers

When someone clicks on your ad they go to your website or a specially developed landing page.  You have complete control over what a consumer sees after they click the ad.

Most people will just send people to their website, but why not send them to a page that talks about the latest promotion your company is offering?

Hit A Home Run Everytime You Run A Promo!

How would you like to have a real winner every time you run a promo?

It takes a little bit of work, but with PPC/Adwords advertising you can have a guaranteed successsful promotion every time, without fail.

Adwords allows you to test to see which promotion people are responding to and which one they’re not by doing a “split-test”.  This is where you have two different landing pages for your promo.  Google will send traffic to one, then the other so you have almost the same number of people going to your ad in the same time period.

When you see that people are responding positively to one landing page, you drop the other landing page and try to beat the “winner” by testing another page against it.

If you do this a few times you will end up with a ‘hot’ landing page offer that people really respond to.

Once you have a ‘hot’ offer on a landing page simply increase the number of people that see your ad and you’ll have more customers.  Since you have already tested your landing page you know it’s going to work.

Get The Max Possible Clients From Every Advertising Dollar

You may find that people who type in different keywords respond differently to your landing page.  In this case all you do is design a specific landing page for each keyword you are promoting with.  This way you can get the maximum possible buyers from each keyword promotion.  It’s the best way to get the max possible sales from every advertising dollar.

Most businesses (and their consultants who manage their campaigns) don’t take advantage of the Internet psychology in their PPC campaigns.

The way people are with the Internet, they are hundreds of keywords that people use to find what they are looking for.

Find Clients In Secret Places Your Competitors Will Never Think Of

Even though there are hundreds of keywords that people will type in when they are looking for your products and services, most businesses will only use between three and five keywords when they set up their Google Adwords ads.

If you are willing to do the research to find (and test) all the different keywords that are relevant to your services you will get many clients that your competitors won’t even come close to.

There’s a huge opportunity for someone willing to put forth a little bit of initiative.

Do You Need Someone To Manage Your PPC / Google Adwords Campaign?

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