Get More Repeat Sales

Local Business Marketing Firm Uses Simple Online Marketing Strategy To Get More Repeat Sales

Do you have a business where you offer a number of different products and services?

Here is an easy way to keep your clients interested in buying more and more from you.

This is a further extension of the strategy on how to increase your sales.

Start with using your website to develop a list of people who show an active interest in your products and services.

Once you have this list, stay in touch with them by providing good quality, relevant information on topics they are interested in.

When people first sign up to your list educate them specifically about the topic they wanted more information on. This increases the chance of them buying from you rather than a competitor.

If you follow-up with prospects, they are more likely to become clients. If you don’t follow-up, they will forget about you just like you forgot about them.

After a reasonable time has passed from when they signed up with you, you can start giving them information regarding other related products and services.

If they continue to stay on your list, assume that they are interested in receiving your emails.

If someone does not want to receive emails from you they can simply click on the link at the bottom of any email and they will be automatically removed from the mailing list.

This strategy works with prospects as well as clients.

If you stay in touch with clients by email, they are more likely to buy their next product from you just because they remember that they had a good experience with you.

Email messages can be automated so you can touch base with people every day, week, month or year – automatically.

Since you can pre-write email messages, think of the possibilities for your business if your prospects and clients got a timely email (automatically) everytime they are likely to have a need for your products or services.

If you don’t know when they are likely to buy next, why not send out a survey that asks that question? The system will automatically sort their answers and schedule a follow-up message for each and every client/prospect so they get a reminder at exactly the right time for them.

In addition to setting up an automatic email, you’ll need to create a sales-page on your website explaining the “special offer”.

To have us set up an automatic repeat business getting system for your business, call 403-620-8902.