Google Maps Local SEO

Get An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition!
Get Your Business In The Google Maps Local Business Listings

A Google Maps local listing is the most important place to be on Google. You can use Local-Google SEO strategies to get a prominent listing here.

If you have found that SEO is important for your business, do whatever you can to be on the first page of the local Google Maps business listings.

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Google has designed a select few keyword results pages to show the location of local businesses. In fact, they have taken information from the Yellow Pages directory and listed all the business in all of the Yellow Pages categories in the Maps section.

Google highlights 8 businesses on the first page of the search results near the top of the page. This is the Maps section of the page.

Then they display 10 more listings below that. These are their regular listings, on the same, first page of a local Google search.

If you want to see more local maps listings you need to click a special link on the page, at the bottom of the Maps section.

The problem is that most people don’t even know they need to click a special link to see more results. Plus, they still only look on the first page to find what they want.

Not Being On The First Page Of Google Maps Is A Big Loss

The Maps section does not show up for all keywords. Google displays Maps information only for the high traffic keywords. These are the words most of your potential customers are using to find your products or services.

If you are not on the first page of Local Google Maps you are probably not going to be found when someone is looking for your services with that particular keyword.

Since only 8 businesses are allowed on the first page of local Google Maps listing you have to compete aggressively with others in the same business to get there and stay there. This is prime real estate on a Google search results page.

The Google Maps page is designed so the casual searcher will tend to focus on the Maps listings. The other listings look like an after-thought and get very little traffic compared to non-Maps first page listings.

So, even if you are the first one in the non-Maps listings on the first page of Google our website is likely to be overlooked unless you are in the Maps section.

You NEED To Be On The First Page Of Local Google Maps Listings For As Many Keywords As Possible

As with normal SEO, you should show up on the first page when people are looking for your services. People use many different keywords to look for you.

It is worthwhile to target and show up on the first page of all Google Maps listings.

Google has a completely separate criteria for deciding who gets to be on the first page of Google Maps listings. So, getting good placement on local Google Maps listings is a separate campaign from normal search engine listings.

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