Increase Sales

Why  Aren’t More People Buying From You Even Though You Have Lots Of Traffic Coming To Your Website?

Are you noticing that people come to your website then move on to buy from someone else?

Studies show that a successful website will only get 1%-2% people engaging with the business and buying.

That’s a shocking statistic because the people who visit your website are actively looking for your services.

They went to the trouble of going to a search engine, typing in a keyword that describes what they want and exploring the various sites shown by the search engine.

These people went to the Internet looking for the services you provide.

If that’s the case, then why aren’t they buying from you?

The reason is simple:  “Because it is so easy to click off the page and go somewhere else.”

When a prospect comes to your website they are looking for a reliable company to buy from.  The problem is when they land on your website they don’t find a reason to trust you instantly, so they click away to another site.

You may very well have what they want.  You may be a very credible supplier in your field.  However, since the web-searcher knows nothing about you, they quickly scan the page they land on and move on to something else.

Your Job Is To Capture Their Attention Within 3-5 Seconds

As soon as you capture their attention you need to move them to engage with you right away, or they will click off the page and never come back.

That’s the reality of marketing on the Internet…move fast and get them to take action right away or lose them forever!

How Do You Capture Your Visitor’s Attention Long Enough For Them To e To Understand You Have What They Want And They Can Trust You?

Since the best websites only get 1% to 2% people responding, the real answer is that you can’t build a lot of trust in one quick visit to your website.

Studies show that people need at least 7 – 10 good contacts with your business before they start trusting you.

In order to increase sales you need to capture the contact information of your visitors, get their permission to stay in touch and follow-up with them until they buy something.

It takes time and follow-up to develop a “know-like-trust” relationship.

The Good news:

If you provide a good reason for people to give you their contact information you can get 5%, 10%, 20% ore even 40%+ of visitors to your website to give you their information.

Instead of losing 99%+ of the people who come to your site, you can get a good portion of them to allow you to stay in touch.

With all the money you spend on developing your website and promoting it, would it be worth your while to get more people buying from you?

When you keep following-up with information they are interested in, you will be able to build a relationship that will turn into a sale at some point.

A Lot Of The Follow-Up Can Be Automated

You need to figure out what each person is interested in then set up a series of informative emails to give give them the the information they want.  The email series will also have a system to collect information that helps you figure out how close they are to buying or if they need more information or if they need to be looking at a different product.

There’s a lot of thinking involved, but it is possible to set up a proven, successful “buying funnel” for the people who sign up to let you follow-up with them.

Once the system is set up, you’ll find that people will sign up with you and the automatic system will stay in touch until they are ready to buy.

Your Sales People Will Only Have To Deal With Qualified Clients Who Are Ready To Buy!

Is this a reality?

You can test it with one sales-funnel to begin with then add more sophistication as you go.  The more your buying-funnel is able to break down what your prospect wants, the more successful you will be in getting sales.

The initial test is easy.  It doesn’t take long to figure out a basic system that gets your phone ringing.  But your time is precious.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a machine take care of the routine questions (but your client thinks you are interacting with them on a personal level) and you only deal with questions where you need to think?

To really set up a proper system that does justice to the people that are making the inquiry you will need to appoint someone to follow-up, test and tweak the system until you start getting sales consistently.

That’s what we can do for you.

We’ll set up an initial sales funnel to get the phone ringing so you can experience the power of this technique.

Then, we’ll start refining the automated responses based on how people respond to our emails.  With some testing we will be able to build several logical paths that will look after your customers and follow-up with them until they are ready to buy.

For more information and to set up an initial test call: 403-620-8902.