Landing Page Optimization

How To Get Up To 180% More Sales Leads And Customers From The Same Advertising Spend With The Right Website Design Optimization Strategies

So you already have a website and you are running a successful SEM / PPC / Google Adwords campaign.


Now that you have the basics, let’s get serious about getting leads and customers from the advertising you are already doing.

PPC / Adwords gives you the ability to test how successful you are is in getting people to respond to your online advertising.

Landing Page Optimization uses the ability to tes ads to maximize the number of people that become your clients.

You can get a lot more clients simply by changing the presentation on the page people see after they click on your Google Ad.  That page is called your “landing page”.

You Won’t Need To Spend Any More Money On Advertising But You Will Get More Clients.

Developing a successful landing page is a scientific process where we test things like your offer, how your offer is presented, the headline, body copy, illustrations on the page and even the method of getting a response from website visitors.

Results Are Almost Instant

You start with the existing landing page (which is usually the home page of the website) and test the response against a custom landing page.

Then we send a little bit of traffic to it and watch to see which page gets a better response.

In every case, one page will show a better response than the other.

We then pull down the less responsive page and try a different offer or a different way of presenting the same offer.

Again, we watch the response and in every case, one page will get a higher response than the other.

By doing this process over and over we can build up the response so you get more clients than ever before, with no increase in advertising costs.

Once you have a powerful client-getter landing page you have a proven, reliable way of getting as many clients as you want, whenever you want.

A tested, proven landing page is like an asset to your business.  It’s worth money because you can have clients anytime you want simply by putting up the landing page and sending traffic to it with PPC / Google Adwords.

Are You Getting The Maximum Possible Number Of Clients From Your Advertising?

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