Lead Generation

Get All The Sales Leads You Want Whenever You Want Them

Here Are Some Proven Online Marketing Systems That Deliver Leads On Demand!

What would you do if you had a system where you could crank up a promotion and get as many leads as you could handle at any time of the year?

Would you hire more people?

Would you take a long vacation, knowing that people aren’t looking for you when you are away?

Would you open up more branches to serve different areas of the city, province or even the whole country?

The Internet Is The Ideal Medium For Lead Generation Systems:

  • You can get in front of people who are actively looking for your products or services any time you want.
  • You can pre-sell them so when they finally get to the presentation on your website, they are already in favour of buying from your company.
  • You can use print, audio, video or even interactive methods to present your product.
  • You can screen and sort the leads so you only talk to qualified, willing to buy prospects.
  • You can accurately track which sources of leads are generating buyer traffic and which are only attracting “lookers” who don’t end up buying.
  • You can change your promotion “on the spot” to respond to buyer needs and interests.
  • You can know your cost-per-lead accurately, so you stay on-budget while getting as many clients as you want, without wasting money on advertising.
  • You can scale up or scale down your promotions in response to how much business you can handle.

Five Ways To Get Leads On Demand

The techniques below would have to be refined and focused for your business.  Give us a call and we’ll customize a plan to generate leads for you:  403-620-8902.

Lead-Gen Method 1:  Design a landing page and send Google Adwords or other PPC traffic to it.  You can send a little bit of traffic to the presentation (landing) page and see how many leads you get.  If you are not getting enough, you can refine your presentation and try again.

Eventually, you will come up with a tested landing page that provides a reliable number of clients every time you crank up your PPC advertising.

PPC advertising allows you to send as much or as little traffic to your landing page as you want.  Since your landing page has proven to provide X number of clients each time you send a certain amount of traffic, you have a good measure of control over how many clients you get at any given time.

Lead -Gen Method 2:  Design a page where you offer an amazing deal if someone gives you their name, email address and their permission so you can send promotional material from time to time.

Then you simply stay in touch with them via email.

Whenever you need more business send out an email with a limited time incentive to take action NOW!  You’ll find that every time you send an email a few people will decide to do business with you.

Over time you will see a consitent pattern where a certain percentage of people will respond to your email special offer every time you send an email.  This percentage will tend to stay stable no matter how many people you have on your list.

Lead-Gen Method 3:  Use your list to try out new products and services.  Find out how big your market will be if you offer product A vs. product B.  By respectfully cultivating your list, you will be able to develop many products and services for your clients as an additional sale to the original one.

With this method, You can selll more products and services to the same list of customers, over and over again.

Lead-Gen Method 4: Use PPC advertising to figure out the product / service / presentation / package that people are responding to today.  Once you know what people want today, simply roll out your advertising to take advantage of the current demand.

Lead-Gen Method 5:  Use banner advetising to reach clients on other people’s websites.  If you know that your clients are sports fans, you can target the sports websites that people in your city go to.  A strategically placed ad on someone else’s website can bring a surge of leads on demand.  You can crank up or crank down this type of promotion with very short lead times.

If you like one of these ideas (or maybe you have your own ideas), let us know and we’ll be happy to work out the details of how to implement a powerful lead generation program for  your business.  Call 403-620-8902 now.