Online Reputation Management

Is Google Featuring Negative Comments About Your Business?  You Need An Online Reputation Management Strategy!

If so, you have a real problem on your hands.  It can ruin the reputation of a perfectly good, well established business.

Most people do a search online before they buy.  If they see negative comments about your business, you know it’s going to cost you business.

When a potential customer does a search for your services Google will show a listing of businesses and their customer ratings and reviews.  Sometimes other websites will show ratings of businesses and Google features them prominently in their search results.  

Customer reviews are often unfair.  They can present an inaccurate description of what happened.  Sometimes what people say is an outright lie.

However, Google does not allow businesses to challenge the accuracy of customer reviews.  Google will not listen to a business when they cry foul.

The best you can do is put your own notes in response to the customer review, but the damage is done.  Whenever someone looks for your services they will see that you have a low star rating and negative comments by people.

The negative review is right there, prominently displayed by Google.

Negative advertising like that can ruin your reputation in the community and cause a lot of problems for you and your employees, and cause you to lose a lot of business.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business and how many happy customers you have.  Human beings have the tendency to complain publicly and Google has given them an easy way to do that on their website.

What Can You Do To Regain Your Good Reputation?

  1. The first thing to do is to start getting some good reviews from real clients.  You have to do this.  You have to have lots of good reviews to counteract a few bad ones.
  2. Next, you have to somehow get your clients to post the good reviews online, on Google or whatever reporting service is showing when people do a search.This can be a challenge.  It’s tough enough to get happy customers to write a positive review, but how do you get them to go to the trouble of posting it online? 

    If you start posting your own reviews on Google, they will ban your website and won’t show it in their search results.  Your competitors will get all the customers. 

    Google knows it’s you because they track the IP address of your computer.  Google is very strict about this. 

    Not showing up in Google’s listings when a potential customer is doing a search is an expensive loss because buyers will Google you before they buy.  If they can’t find you, you certainly won’t get their business. 

    Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for this.  But there is a solution.  Call us and we’ll set up a system for you.
  3. Once you have some good comments posted online you need to make sure Google features them prominently, not the negative ones. 

    This is a job for some sophisticated SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

    Call us and we’ll set you up…but it’s not easy.  Convincing Google to focus on your positive comments instead of the negative ones requires a lot of work and the right strategy.  But it has to be done.  If you don’t do it, Google will continue to feature the negative and you will lose business.

Reputation management is a necessity that most businesses will have to face at some point, just because people are the way they are.  Consumers will take a small negative and blow it out of proportion and Google will feature it on their website.

If you are in this unfortunate position, give us a call.  We’ll assess the situation and let you know what can be done.  Call 403-620-8902.

There’s no easy fix for this.